Requests for Township Records will be charged as follows.  Request form to be completed prior to copying records.

    $15.00 per hour.

    $00.25 per copy.

     $ current reimbursement mileage rate (Federal rate)                                            

     Any other expenses regarding coping records.


Turtle Lake Township Fee Schedule

Building Permit Primary Structure $133.00
Building Permit Assessory Structure $75.00
Building Permit Minor Modification $75.00
Major Subdivision/CIC/PUD* $1,125.00
Minor Subdivision Administrative $90.00
Minor Subdivision Plat** $955.00
Driveway/Road Access Permit $90.00
Variance $420.00
Conditional Use Permit $415.00
Environmental Assessment Worksheet $825.00
Ordinance Amendment $145.00
Special Meeting Fee $600.00
Division/Line Adjustment Within Shoreland $50.00

*CIC/PUD Common Interest Community/Planned Unit Development Additional Costs may be added to the fees.
**Zoning Administrator may adjust for Board Site Visit as needed.