Board Members

Board Members and Responsibilities

Chair Tanja Bennett

Vice Chair Russ Bennett


SEAT A (3 year term) – Russ Bennett (term expires 03/2019)
SEAT B (3 year term) – Allan Lidstrom (term expires 03/2019)
SEAT C (3 year term) – Billy Ayers (term expires 03/2020)
SEAT D (3 year term) – Fulton Gallagher (term expires on 03/2020)
SEAT E (3 year term) – Tanja Bennett (term expires 03/2021)


Gail Dockendorf (2 year term) (term expires 03/2019)


Lynn Johnson (Indefinite term) (appointed clerk)
Michelle Anderson (Indefinite term) (appointed deputy clerk)


*Tanja Bennett (Chair)

*Russell Bennett (Vice-Chair) – Weed Control

*Allan Lidstrom (Supervisor)

*Billy Ayers (Supervisor) – Fire and Rescue

*Fulton Gallagher (Supervisor) – BATO

*Right of Way Inspections – Chair 1st, Vice Chair 2nd, Supervisor 3rd

*Gail Dockendorf -Issues checks, Financial Administration

*Michelle Anderson-Cemetery Sexton

*Kelly Booge-Road and Zoning Administrator

*Lynn Johnson – Receives bills for payment, prepares payroll, agendas, minutes. Interfaces with Government agencies as needed, retains records/archives, oversees elections and annual township meeting and other misc. general clerk duties. Contacts: home 218-586-2379; mail at 12421 Lake Beltrami Rd NE, Bemidji, MN 56601; email